Keep Your Eye on Your Pets

One of the most interesting pastimes you can have is to carefully observe the behavior of your pets throughout a normal day of activity.  Our pets’ behaviors often mirror our own.  If you wear contact lenses regularly, then a sudden change to glasses may mean you are not the same person – even if your voice and dress smell remain the same as ever.  For this reason, it is advisable to minimize the time you take when you make major changes in your appearance and demeanor.  By using a Groupon to purchase new contact lenses from Coastal you can reduce the time for them to be made and shipped to a minimum.  You will receive them within the shortest delivery time possible.  This helps avoid or reduce the amount of trauma your pet undergoes while awaiting you to get new contacts and assures that your appearance isn’t too radically different from that of the owner your pet has come to know and love.

Events like a change in contacts or glasses can impact a pet in ways we may not sense until it actually occurs.  Just as one might find a major change in hairstyle, or plastic surgery that a friend or relative might make to be something that takes significant time to get used to, so might our pets find that changes in our eyewear and vision may take them time to accept.  So the next time you need to update your vision wear keep in mind that your pet must also get accustomed to your changes in appearance and vision.  And give your pet a chance to know the “new you” as well.  That way you and your pet will be able to enjoy pleasant walks during the spring, play in the sand on the beach in the summer, and roll around together on the floor before the fire in the winter while truly knowing and seeing one another as friends and peers.

Remember, in many ways, your pet’s vision of the “new you” will be more important to them than your vision of your pet will ever be.  After all, your pet is the one who reflects in many ways your vision of yourself.  Buying your vision wear from Coastal will show how much you value the quality of your personal appearance.  Using a Groupon to make that purchase will show how thrifty a consumer you are.